Comeback. March, 2016

I haven’t really read any new books in 2016. I started reading Foam of the Daze, the surreal love story by Boris Vian, but now the book sits casually by my table, looking at me with puppy eyes for attention. My days are spent in office, between multiple things I need to take care (because I’m staying alone for a couple of weeks), and between things that I want to do.

Like for that day, I drew a picture of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and it turned out to be pretty good. When I finished, it was too early to call it a creatively profound day, so I took to wordpad to write something up. But nada, there was nothing. My writer’s block was still asking for tete-a-tete that I denied it for a couple of months.

Maybe later, I said, and worked up a cup of tea, the color of which resembled a whiskey. Plus I was drinking tea in a whiskey glass. Because we forgot to buy cups for some reason. Between making chicken for the first time in my life, eating instant noodles of various flavours, and completely sucking at holding any conversations to strange people (among them a few very beautiful women), the week was odd. But then, all my weeks are odd.

The novel that I have been working on needs some care. I have been ignoring it for two months, preserving it for a day of marathon runs. Fifteen thousand words later, I feel I am emotionally started to discover the central character, and if I can continue to keep at it, the novel can be finished within somewhere around fifty to seventy thousand words. I tend to overdescribe things, so some edits would do the trick. But I think the result is going to be awesome.

A sea of words at our disposal, we become numb when we need them most. Like if you love someone, but you cannot tell that to him/her. Similarly when a relationship is not working and you can’t find the words to get out of it. Simple things are often very very hard to describe, and not many of us have the courage to say it when it needs to be said.

I came back to the blog after a month and half hiatus. I will update this regularly. After all, this is my second home, isn’t it?


Author: chironx

I am a wanderer. I overthink, and sometimes I write about what I feel. People say I am a simple guy with no directions, but I think I have too many places to go.

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